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At CTS Physical Therapy we focus on hands-on help that assists the body in healing itself.

Motivated by Christian love and concern, CTS Physical Therapy is dedicated to the highest comprehensive quality of manual physical therapy services to restore strength and function, promoting total body health, just as our Lord designed it to be.

"Before finding CTS and Piotr Ulmer, I had suffered with leg pain for 9 years in my left leg. After several therapy sessions, I am happy to say I have no more leg pain!"
~Cynthia Hayse
"I am amazed with my progress in flexibility and decrease in pain. The CTS program uses the grace of God's beautiful design of our complex healing system in bringing me new life."
~Dorothy Wilt, RN ,MSN, LMFT
If you suffer from loss of Range of Motion, mobility, flexibility, overall low energy coupled with chronic infections, chronic fatigue, depression or joint pain and (sometimes hair loss, dry skin, even memory problems) muscle aches, we may be able to help you.

You may be suffering from connective tissue dysfunction. Let us evaluate and demonstrate to you where it all originates from and watch improvements unfold. Give it a try.

If you would like to receive treatment from CTS Physical Therapy, but your insurance company does not cover the cost, you may use an additional option of self pay.

When would you use self pay?

-If you or your family have no insurance
-If you have a large deductible which you do not anticipate meeting by the end of the calendar year
-If your insurance plan only covers a minimal number of physical therapy visits per year but you need or want more
-When you don’t want your medical information to be reported to the insurance company

Self Pay Rates:

Option 1:

$90 per hour
$22.50 per 15 minute additional increment 

($90.00 - 60 minutes       $112.50 - 75 minutes      $135.00 - 90 minutes) 

Option 2:

Pre-buy 4 visits at $80 per hour
$20.00 per 15 minute additional increment

($80.00 - 60 minutes      $100.00 - 75 minutes      $120.00 - 90 minutes)

For more questions about self pay or for additional information, please call 865-777-2000.

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NEW Phone NUMBER: 865-777-2000

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